About AmeriVoices

AmeriVoices is an organization dedicated to conducting independent research of all aspects of the ever-changing American landscape. From politics, social issues, religion, market and industry research, the lives, opinions and actions of everyday Americans are always changing. We can share the insight of the voices of America.

Research Approach

As a nonpartisan, independent research organization, AmeriVoices does not take positions on, nor do we advocate for, particular policies. Research supported by our funders reflects AmeriVoices’ commitment to independent inquiry and academic rigor. Research findings and conclusions are never altered to accommodate other interests, including those of funders, other organizations, or government bodies and officials.

All AmeriVoices public opinion research is based on probability sampling to ensure that results are broadly representative of the population of interest. All AmeriVoices studies include bilingual (English and Spanish) interviewing. Telephone studies are conducted by professional interviewers and include a high proportion of cell phone interviewing. AmeriVoices provides public access to the raw data files of its surveys after an embargo period of one year, upon request.